Dead Boy Dressed Up Surrounded With Favorite Items For Memorial Service

The body of a dead teenager, Renard Matthews, was dressed and propped up in a chair while surrounded by his favourite snacks for a bizarre memorial service held by his family.

Matthews, 18, was shot in the head in June while he walked his dog in New Orleans, USA, reports Mirror UK.

His heartbroken mum, Temeka, described the football-loving student as a ‘homeboy’ who loved sitting at home most of the time and playing video games.

She said:

“My boy has never looked for trouble with anyone and he always in door siting at his game and having his own fun.

It is just so painful that his life had to be cut short by miscreants and I hope Matthews gets justice”

As part of an unusual memorial to the dead teenage, he was placed in front of a television with a games console controller in his hand while surrounded by his favourite snacks at the Charbonnet Labat Glapion Funeral Home.

Renard was also pictured wearing his favourite player socks in a scene made to look like a typical, family home.

New Orleans Police Department said officers found a boy at the scene with a gunshot wound to the head. Investigations are already ongoing into the reason why he was shot.


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