Labour Party Reject PDP, R-APC Coalition

The Labour Party on Wednesday disowned the purported coalition led by the People Democratic Party (PDP), and the Reformed-All Progressive Congress (R-APC).

Addressing a press conference at the Labour House, Abuja, the party distanced itself from the coalition of political parties which recently announced their coming together in a merger targeted at ousting the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) in 2019.

According to the National Chairman of the party, Dr Mike Omotosho the leadership of Labour Party has not been consulted, neither has there been any formal meeting or agreement between the party and any other political party in Nigeria in this respect.

To this end, he called on all Nigerians to disregard all allusions to the inclusion of the Labour Party and those of the NLC & TUC, as members of any coalition.

He said: “We wish to unequivocally state that the Labour Party is not part of any coalition. The leadership of the party has not been consulted, neither has there been any formal meeting or agreement between our Party and any other political party in Nigeria in this respect.

“The Labour Party is not only a political party but a political movement, guided by its ethics, values, principles and social ideology, where all actions are taken in consideration of due process.

“If there was any need for the party to join any coalition, the consent and the approval of the National Working Committee (NWC) and the National Executive Council (NEC) would have been sought before such a huge organ decision is taken.

“It is an undisputable fact that the Nigeria Labour Congress and its allies, the TUC and the civil society, are the owners of the party.

Such a vital decision to join a coalition cannot be effected without the approvals of their respective governmental organs. As it stands now, neither the NWC, NEC, nor NLC is aware or privy to this crocket coalition engagement.”

According to Omotosho, the commitment of the Labour Party to “this unholy alliance is, therefore, the fiery imaginations and fictions of a few recalcitrant members and borne out of their hurriedness to mortgage the party for their selfish political end.

“We hereby disassociate our great party, the Labour Party, from such a clandestine gathering, calculated to further throw the political atmosphere of Nigeria into more heinous confusion.”

He pointed out that as the nation prepare for the upcoming elections, the Labour Party is consulting with party stakeholders, mobilizing its members and preparing their candidates for elective offices.

He further explained that while the party is not averse to partnering with other like-minded group and parties seeking to help transform the nation, it is at the moment more concerned about challenging the current administration to deliver more on their promises.

He said the Party is committing to challenge the ruling APC to deliver more for the Nigerian workers, most of whom still struggle to make a living from their wages and salaries.

He said, “the vision and mission of this coalition are not yet clear to Labour Party, we therefore at this moment cannot subject the party to an alliance whose objectives and goals is currently not understood.”


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