Trouble: Rivals fight over good times spent with husband

Residents of Bonyaoro village in Kisii County were treated to a rear wrestling match after the rivals fought over their husband’s unmentionables on Wednesday evening.

It is alleged that the co-wives Ann Moraa and Jane Nyanchera engaged in a fist fight over where their husband, Edward Nyagito, should sleep.

“I will not allow him to sleep over in your bedroom because he has been sleeping there since last week.

This week is my turn to serve him in bed and give him food,” Moraa, the first wife was heard saying during the fight.

Neighbors claimed that the man should be blamed for failing to balance how he should serve his wives.

“The women always quarrel because of him.

He likes staying with the second wife and abandoning the first wife who has stood by him for over 10 years.

He should start balancing the stay in each of the women’s houses to avoid unnecessary chaos or if he is unable to live with both of them, he can divorce one,” said Francis Nyaringo.

Area Nyumba Kumi official Fredrick Machoni said unnecessary quarrels will not be condoned in the village.

He warned couples against making noise, especially at night saying whoever who will be found will be arrested and be charged in court over the disturbance.


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