Nadine Foster’s Fake Boobs Melted By Hot Water

A former glamour model has revealed how she was left in agony after her fake boobs were melted by boiling water from a hot water bottle.

Nadine Foster’s breasts started melting away within minutes after being scorched by the hot water.

She’d had a boob enlargement when she was 18 in order to help her modelling career, and said she had never had a problem with her 36E bust until then.

Nadine, now 29, was preparing the hot water bottle for her fiance, Kyle, when the accident happened as she attempted to seal it.

Nadine, from Pulborough, West Sussex, was then rushed to A&E to receive treatment for her burns earlier this year after the skin on her breasts began melting away within 20 minutes.

Now, Nadine is suffering from severe scarring on her chest and now has to regularly moisturise to her skin every day to speed up the healing process.
Nadine, a care co-ordinator, said: “My fiance wasn’t very well and was shivering, so I decided to make him a hot water bottle.

“Because I was wearing a low-cut top, the water went straight onto my chest – but at first I thought the water was on my clothes.

“After quickly getting out of my clothes I noticed that my skin was starting to melt away on my chest.

“As a few more minutes went by I was screaming in agony because I was in so much pain and after checking with paramedics they told me to come into A&E.

“It then took me three weeks to recover, I’m still badly scarred and feel as though my chest will be ruined forever.

“I spent £5,000 on my breasts back in 2007, and I was petrified that my skin had burned away that much that it would melt away at the silicone implant underneath too – but thankfully it didn’t.”

Despite the boiling water pouring onto her skin, Nadine claims it took minutes before she even realised what was happening.

She said: “I think my body might have gone into shock because for minutes I thought my dress was just hot, but quickly my skin began bubbling and blistering.

“I was just hoping that there was no permanent damage done to the implants and that it would just be the skin surrounding them that was hurt.

“After having a cool shower, we were advised to go to the hospital as the burn across my chest was bigger than the palm of my hand.

“I stayed in the hospital over night to get my burns looked at and sorted, but in the end my skin just continued to peel away.

“I just still can’t believe that something as simple as closing a hot water bottle has given me potentially a lifetime of scarring – I was just trying to be a good fiance!”


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