Mother Who Beat Her 2-Year-Old Son To Death, After He Wet His Bed Is Jailed 40 Years

A mother who beat her two-year-old son to death after he wet his bed then gave her ‘side eye’ has been jailed for 40 years.

Katrina Shangreaux, 30, hit her son Kylen with a belt, kicked him in the abdomen and head, and bit him several times.

She told cops that the toddler further infuriated her after wetting the bed by giving her a ‘sideways look’ and calling her ‘Angie’ – the name of his aunt and former carer – according to the Rapid City Journal.

Shangreaux, from Porcupine, South Dakota, attacked the toddler in July 2016.

He suffered bleeding on the brain, cigarette burns to his head and horrifically mutilated genitals.

Judge Jeffrey L Viken said the boy could not have defended himself describing it as a horrific, depraved, tortuous, humiliating and unusually heinous crime.

She told emergency operators that her son had choked on apple juice.

Angie, the boy’s aunt who previously had custody of him, wrote on Facebook: ‘I should never have stopped fighting for you.

I love you the most Ky Sky Pie. No one can ever take away our love.

‘All I know is that this didn’t have to happen. It could have been prevented… if someone had listened and done their job.’

Doctors who tried to save the youngster discovered his body was covered in bite marks, and that 70 per cent of his skin was covered in new and old bruises.

Kylen, who was dead by the time he reached the Indian Health Services Hospital on the Pine Ridge Reservation, also appeared to have a fractured skull, as well as a torn scrotum.


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