Ten Schoolboys Gang-Raped Teenage Schoolgirl Until She Passed Out In India

Ten schoolboys gang-raped a Year 10 girl until she passed out in the latest horrific sex attack in India.

The girl, enrolled in a government high school, was attacked on her way home in the West Champaran district of Bihar, north eastern India.

Police say she was overpowered in a secluded spot before dragging her to a sugar cane field and raped by ten youths until she lost consciousness.

On coming around, she was warned of ‘dire consequences’ should she attempt to tell authorities of her ordeal.

But when she stopped going to school, her parents demanded to know why and she told them about the attack.

Her mother and father then told police who have already made one arrest with more pending, Gulf News reports.

While reports have said she was a Grade 10 student, her exact age has not been revealed.

Local district superintendent of police, Arvind Kumar Gupta, said:

‘The incident is very serious and saddening. We are investigating the case. Everyone involved in the crime will be arrested.’


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