Man beat up wife over love message

A man and his wife exchanged blows over a love text message on Friday evening in Nyamira Township ward.

Zachariah Okeyo said his wife, Doris Mong’ina has been having an affair with her ex-boyfriend who has been sending her love messages.

“I married Mong’ina two years ago and we have been having a troubled marriage. Her ex-boyfriend keeps on sending her love messages.

“I returned from work and found her phone on the table. I decided to go through phone messages. I was shocked to find love message from her former man, Erick Mariera,” said Okeyo.

Angered Okeyo said he rushed to the kitchen where his wife was cooking and questioned her why she has been condoning Mariera but, Mong’ina started the fight.

A neighbor, Catherine Mabuka said Okeyo and Mong’ina fought as members of the public watched.

“It is shameful for the couple to fight in public. Mong’ina should respect her man who has changed her life after her former man who is now chasing her dumped her,” said Mrs. Mabuka.

Area administrator, Michael Nyabuto said the couple has been having problems which will only come to an end once the woman reforms.

“I am also tired solving the issues between the two. Mong’ina must know she is married and stop condoning men who are after spoiling her marriage,” he noted.

Nyabuto said he has summoned Mariera to appear in his office on Monday and explain why he has been chasing the married woman.


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