Davido Highlights Nigerian musician that makes the most noise

Popular Nigerian musician Davido shared revealing details about his stellar music career via a recent interview. Omo Baba Olowo told Pause magazine how he started his music career, how he won his parents support, how one can break into the mainstream African music market and his plans for international domination.

How he started his music career?

I’ve always liked it, I kind of fell into music through some friends who were doing music, and then I used to follow my cousin to the studio and stuff and from there, it started.

What his parents wanted him to do and their thoughts on his career now?

Just work for my dad, but then I started getting bigger and bigger and then I just had to leave school.

They are my number one fans.

How one can break into the mainstream market like he did?

Lucky for me I started when I was like 16, I’m 25 now so it’s been a while but now it’s like, everybody’s looking at Africa, everybody’s interested in whatever Africa’s doing, so it’s better now for us and easier for us to get stuff out there, they love the music too, it’s good music.

Which Nigerian musician is making the most noise?

Me, I mean a lot of people you have Mr Eazi, you have Wizkid, you have Tekno.

There’s a lot of people.

How the African and European markets are different?

It depends, Africa and stuff can do 18,000 people, it’s crazy, but here it’s like 8K, 10K. When his new album is dropping.

Yeah I’m dropping my album very soon, in September, and some new singles coming out, which actually might drop this week.

Advice to international acts trying to reach Nigeria.

His international plans
To be honest, me, I’m not into this international stuff but I’m really doing it because I’m one of those people pioneering this movement.

I have to put a cape on my back and do it for the culture but I always prefer being at home.


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