Man Arranges his abduction in order to scam his relatives

A 31-year-old Ugandan man faked his own kidnap to swindle his family of the sum of about N24,000.

Jimmy Odyek, a resident of Ocukuru village in Lira district, Uganda, has been arrested and charged with fraud after it was discovered that his abduction was a scam.

According to a Police Spokesperson, David Ongom Mudong, Odyek violated section 305 of the penal code Act.

Mudong said Odyek gave several phone calls to his relatives on Sunday claiming that he had been Kidnapped from Uhuru bar, Lira Town by unknown armed persons moving in a motor vehicle and they were demanding for 2.5million shillings ransom (about N246,000) or else they would kill him.

Mudong added that on Tuesday the said amount was deposited to Odyek’s personal mobile money account by the relatives and that same day Odyek arrived to CPS Lira claiming he had been released by the kidnappers after they received the money.

But upon interrogation, it was revealed that Odyek faked the kidnap to raise some money to sort out his problems.


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