Actress Regina Daniels looks stunning in new photos, says she’s 16 years after celebrating 17

Nollywood teenage actress, Regina Daniels looks more beautiful than ever in some photos she shared on her Instagram page.

The light-skinned actress claims to be 16 against 17 which was provided on her Wikipedia page.

She wrote: “Oh yes ! Am pretty and i know it….. if u are older than me and u call me ugly, bring out your picture when you were 16”

There are rumours that Regina Daniels may have falsified her age as Nigerian footballers are rumoured to always do.

Regina Daniels is also a film producer. In July 2016, Thisday reports that the teen actress earned 500,000 naira for a role in a film.

Regina Daniels was born on October 16, 2000. Therefore, she only seventeen right now, but she has already shown her skills in acting! What is known about her parents?

We only know about her actress mother – Rita Daniels.

Regina Daniels mother was appointed to be the chairwoman of the Delta State Actors Guild.

It was the most obvious choice for actors as Rita’s dedication to work couldn’t be overestimated.

Regina inherited the actor’s gift from her mother. From the very childhood, Regina dreamt of becoming an actress.

Luckily for her, Nigeria is one of the pioneering countries in Africa in terms of movies.

Nollywood produces around 200 movies every year. Regina became a part of the fantastic movie world at the very young age! Rita Daniels supported her in every way possible, so her little daughter could become a famous actress.

She also has five siblings who helped her to achieve her dream.
Regina Daniels started her actress career when she was only seven years old! What about her educational background? Regina Daniels attended Hollywood International School.

She is currently a student at Igbinedion University, Benin City!

Regina Daniels family supported her in everything connected with actress career! It was obvious that she was born to become an actress one day! That day comes at the very early age of seven.

According to the, her first acting fee was about ten thousand Naira!

Her first roles provided her a clear vision that she was natural in acting. Nevertheless, she also put some hard work in her acting process.

She studied a lot and was thirsty for knowledge.

This dedication to work distinguished her amongst other young actors and helped to achieve fantastic results at the very young age! Regina’s first movie was “Marriage of Sorrow.”


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