Psychopathic Serial Killer And Lover Found Soaked In Blood After Trying To Kill Themselves In Jail

Psychopathic serial killer Joanna Dennehy 35 year old is believed to have attempted suicide in prison after allegedly making a suicide pact with her prison girlfriend.

The psychopathic serial killer, is understood to have been discovered with her throat cut open, while her partner had sliced her wrists.

Joanna Dennehy, from Peterborough, Cambs, is serving a life sentence for murdering three men “just for fun”.

She is one of only two female prisoners serving a whole life sentences in the UK.

A source told The Sun;
“When the guards found them they were entwined on the floor, which was covered in blood.

“They think they need splitting up now to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Both the women were taken to hospital where their injuries were treated.

Then they were taken back to to HMP Bronzefield in Surrey.

However once back inside, Joanna Dennehy made a second suicide attempt, which failed again.

She had stabbed Lukasz Slaboszewski, Kevin Lee and John Chapman over a 10-day period in March 2013.

While a nationwide police search went on for her, after the bodies were found in remote ditches in Cambridgeshire, she went on to drive 140 miles to Hereford where she repeatedly stabbed another two dog walkers Robin Bereza and John Rogers – who miraculously survived – entirely at random.


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