They may not be stopped by rain or snow – but it turns out massive escaped snakes ARE reason enough not to deliver a day’s mail.

One carrier in Overland Park, Kansas arrived at a suburban home to deliver the post on Friday and discovered an eight-foot tan and brown ball python wrapped around the railing and letterbox by the front door.

He called animal control instead of leaving mail, so the resident wouldn’t be tempted to come outside to retrieve letters and encounter the snake.

Photos posted by police show three Animal Control officers, wearing gloves, carefully untangling the animal from the home.

The department joked along with the photos that they’re working to convince animal control to relocate the python underneath the chief’s desk.

They python is believed to be an escaped pet and is in foster care until its owner can be found.

And while it may look scary, the ball python is fortunately not poisonous, and gets its name from the way it defensively curls up into a ball.