Hero nurse confronts knifeman so patients can escape A&E

Yusuf Aka, 22, was jailed for five years after causing mayhem at Leicester Royal Infirmary, throwing his knife at staff and tossing around computers before the heroic nurse stepped in.

Shortly after 2am on Tuesday, January 16, he stabbed a homeless man, leaving him with a fractured vertebra, and walked into the A&E’s waiting area wearing sunglasses with his hood pulled up.

Once inside, he tossed the knife at a member of staff and threw about equipment.

Frightened patients fled and were ushered to safety by staff, as one brave nurse confronted him to buy them more time to get away.

communal area of the Accident and Emergency Department, with patients waiting to be treated.

‘He threw the knife towards a member of staff, which missed and struck a wall with such force the blade broke.’

‘He set about the computer terminals, ripping monitors from the desk and throwing them across the waiting area at members of the public and staff, who were trying to usher patients away.

‘A man in a wheelchair who was being wheeled to safety was struck with a monitor, but fortunately wasn’t injured but was left very distressed.’

She said: ‘This was a frightening experience for both patients and staff in the department that night, the impact of which cannot be underestimated.

‘My thanks goes to the emergency department staff, involved in the incident, who showed exceptional bravery in bringing this serious attack to a swift and safe conclusion with the help of Leicestershire Police and other members of the public.’

Although it was accepted he was mentally unwell, the judge said Aka’s violent psychotic episode could have been self-induced by cannabis use.

Aka, from Leicester, was on licence from a seven year sentence for armed robberies when the incident happened and admitted wounding with intent, affray and possessing a knife at the hospital.

He was jailed for five years, and given an additional licence period of five years because he was described as posing a substantial risk of causing serious harm in the future.

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