Diamond Platnumz caught his babymama Hamisa trying to bewitch his mother

Tanzanian singer, Diamond Platnumz, has reacted to the leaked conversation between his baby mama, Hamisa, and a witch doctor.

Hamisa had in the leaked audio, told the witch doctor to make a charm to make her mother in-law like her, and also for the singer to marry her.

Reacting to the leaked audio, Diamond Platnumz who confirmed it was indeed his baby mama’s voice, wondered why someone will go great lengths to bewitch him and his family.

This is coming barely a week after Diamond Platnumz advised to always wear condoms during sex with side chicks.

The Tanzanian singer who welcomed a baby with his side chick, Hamisa Mobetto, stated that though he loves all his children and wants to give them the best, it was really bad having a baby with a side chic.

Diamond Platnumz went further to tell men and his friends to use condom when having sex with their side chicks, or risk having side kids which is bad.

His baby mama and video vixen, however responded with a message that contradicts what her baby daddy was advocating for;

“God will open a door for you that you didn’t even knock on, stay faithful,” Hamisa, who has been appointed as the Tanzanian Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) brand ambassador noted.

She had also revealed that she is willing to settle down with the singer, provided he will accept to take care of her first born daughter.

It was assumed that all was well between these two after Zari made it clear that they (her and Diamond) were not about to reunite as lovers, leaving Hamisa feeling really hopeful, but after this interview, it turned out to be a false sense of hope.

All is not lost though. In June, Diamond bought Hamisa a mansion where she is staying with her child and mother.


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