Ronaldo In Juventus 3 Matches No Goal, Can They Win Champions League?

Ronaldo is an extraordinary player and he has been able to use his amazing talents to bring the spotlight on any team he played for.

Ronaldo is yet to score a goal for his new team and has attracted criticism for his failure to find the net so far.

Football lovers are already speculating Ronaldo might find it very hard to dominate in Italy and might also fail to win the Champions League trophy for them.

Well, others are of the Opinion that if he can do it in EPL & LA Liga, then he can do it in Seria A.

Ronaldo moved to the Italian League to continue his amazing feat under Juventus.

Juventus are currently the Italian champions but they indeed craved for more trophies which was the reason they signed Ronaldo from Real Madrid at a whopping amount.

As it stands now, Ronaldo has played 3 matches for Juventus without a single goal at all, so unusual of him though!.


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