‘I Got Addicted To Codeine And Weed After Boko Haram Killed My Husband’

A Nigerian woman has shared her sad story of how her husband was murdered by Boko Haram members and how she turned to Codeine and weed for comfort.

she said; ”There were so many losses in my life. My father died. My husband was killed by Bokoharam.

I was happily married and my husband was a driver.

He drove big trucks from Lagos to Maiduguri and provided everything for me. We were so happy. I have a daughter Khadijah who now lives with my mother.

When my husband was killed, I didn’t want to move in with her and her husband. I didn’t want to be the reason her marriage failed.

Because I didn’t like the man she married after my father died.
So I went to live with my uncle. And you know when a house isn’t your home, you face so many things.

I was mistreated badly in the house and my clothes were thrown out. His family kicked me out of their house. I didn’t know where to go or what to do.

And that was when I decided to move in with one of my friends and they introduced me to this lifestyle. I take about four bottles of codeine, I smoke weed and also swallow tablets. I don’t think too much when I take all of these. I feel happy”


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