Last night Nina told fans where Miracle stands in her life

Weeks after Miracle shocked fans by publicly dumping Nina, she has revealed where she stands with Big Brother Naija 2018 winner, Miracle.

During a question and answer session with fans last night, Nina responded to a couple of questions about Miracle with an LOL.

It’s safe to say that ship has sunk She also said she has forgiven him as the Bible says “forgive others so that your Heavenly Father will forgive you”.

It would be recalled that Miracle recently took to Instagram to dump Nina publicly.

see his message below:

See Miracle’s public announcement that caused the ruckus on social media: Hello my wonderful family.

my management just drew my attention to my social media community rivalry and insisted I address it.

Abà I beg make Una take am easy, Nina is a nice girl with a beautiful soul and should be treated with respectful courtesy.

Because nobody should be subjected to negativity male or female.

I also have a sister, a mother and beautiful cousins and I wish the public respect their space and treat them as strong and capable individual women with equal opportunities as men… My point is; neither me nor Nina, I believe has ever publicly or in private told anyone we are in love and are dating.

We were involved in the house and remained friends since then. We are young people with prospect and have dedicated our time in building our future not concentrated in relationship.

So please (I beg) kindly don’t subject us to an undue imaginary relationship.

I keep respecting and love you all for your kind support and understanding. God bless”

Reacting to the news is Nina’s new found bestie and benefactor, Toyin Lawani. The fashion entrepreneur took to her Insta Story to air her opinion on the issue. She accused Miracle of leading Nina on and dumping her when it was convenient for him.

She stated that Miracle was always paying Nina private visits and was never open to acknowledging her in public.

Going further, she revealed that she had warned Nina about how things would turn out but the reality star was too in love to listen.

According to Toyin, Nina believed Miracle loved her just as much as she did him too.


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