My hubby and I’ve been Free from domestic violence –Bose Omotoyossi

Nollywood actress, Bose Omotoyossi, who is married to Beninese footballer, Razak, has said she and her husband were now ‘cured’ from domestic violence.

Bose was born in Lagos in a family of 5, as the 4th child. She came to prominence after her performance in a Yoruba Nollywood movie titled Itakun.

Bose completed her primary school education at Command, and attended Gideon Comprehensive High School graduating in 2002.

Her tertiary education was at University of Lagos – where she was due to study Biology (differed her admission after she conceived shortly after her introduction, due to multiple births, she was unable to go back).

She attended Lagos City Polytechnic Ikeja where she obtained a National Diploma in Business Administration.

Recall that the actress had told Sunday Scoop sometime ago that they were both undergoing therapy.

She said, “The therapy has been very helpful and now, I can say we even understand and love each other more.

It is normal for marriages to have tough times but what matters is how you come out of it.

There will be nothing like domestic violence in my home again.”

Bose Omotoyossi Omotoyossi, who was recently unveiled as an ambassador of Pragmatic Homes Limited, also stated that her marital challenges had not stopped people from loving her brand.

She added, “I am happy that despite all that I’ve gone through, reputable brands are still willing to work with me. It shows there is something about me that they want to identify with.

“Pragmatic Homes can be trusted because I did my research on them before accepting the deal.

I and the chairman of the company, Olalekan Awonusi, and the Managing Director, Oluwafunke Sobowale, had long discussions and we came to the conclusion that our brands have similar values and it would be good for us to work together.”


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