Osun APC lawmaker a victim of fraud by fake herbalist

Within the weekend, a video of Osun State House of Assembly majority leader, Timothy Owoeye went viral on the internet.

The APC lawmaker was seen naked and it was alleged that he was caught having a bath in a market late at night apparently for ritual purpose.

However, the Police in the state had come out to state that Mr. Owoeye who was relatively unknown to most Nigerians outside the state before Saturday was tricked to the location by an herbalist whom he believed was helping him with prayers.

Apparently, part of what the fake herbalist recommended was for the lawmaker to bath in the open in a market at night.

Unknown to the politician, this was a ploy to milk him of lots of money. Hiding in the dark with cameras were a group of people who promptly came out of their hiding place to as soon as Mr. Owoeye put off his clothes and began taking his bath.

The video has subsequently been used to extort money from the lawmaker in the last six months, as Owoeye is said to have parted with over N40 million in that period.

The lawmaker has been blackmailed so much as to resort to selling his personal possession to help feed the insatiable thirst for money of the blackmailers

“The fellow is a victim of some fraudsters who duped him some amount of money. They tricked him to that place and did that to blackmail him so that he will not be able to lodge complaint in the public,” the police said.

Mr Owoeye was on the verge of selling his filling station when a friend adviced him to take action against his tormentors.

“He did not sell the filling station, but he had paid them more than 40 million before then.

We are happy that he summoned the courage to complain and the police succeeded in arresting some of those fellows and they were charged to court.

Whatever is being circulated is just a way of ensuring that he will not be able to complain.

“I cannot say precisely now, but the police were able to recover N10 million of the funds he was swindled,” the Police said.


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