What next for Ambode? Lagos State governor ponders next move after APC rejection

By all account, governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos would not be flying the flag of the APC in the 2019 governorship race in the state after party elders and other influential member decided not to allow him contest a second term in office.

The reason for the decision is currently not clear but it seem Ambode had gotten under the skin of some very powerful people who have decided not to let the governor’s indiscretion go unpunished.

The governor however need to consider his options carefully as any wrong move could injure is political future and relevance in the country.

As far as options are concerned, the Epe born politician has just about three choices which we would examine.

First, Ambode could defect to another party possibly the PDP.

This is a huge possibility as it has been rumoured that the country’s biggest opposition party is looking to cash in on the internal crisis of the APC in the state and score a big coup by poaching the sitting governor.

However, this seem highly unlikely as the PDP currently has little or no structure in the state, indeed, the state party chairman recently defected to the APC.

Ambode could decide to pitch his tent with another party, perhaps Labour Party but he would need a huge public appeal to pull off an election win in that instance which he currently doesn’t have.

Defection is possible but highly unlikely to work in his favour, besides, he could be impeached by the State House of Assembly if he left the party.

Second, Ambode could stay in the APC and fight for ticket.

This is another scenario that could happen but given what obtain in the party, it could end in embarrassing defeat for the governor.

Indeed, recent development indicate that Ambode just doesn’t have the numbers to defeat the Party’s anointed candidate, Jide Sanwoolu at the primaries after 57 LG/LCDA pledge to support and gather votes for his candidacy.

Third, Ambode could simple endorse Sanwoolu and ride into the sunset.

This possibility has been muted in some quarters, though it sound highly unlikely, it is a situation that would suit the party and perhaps the governor.

It will paint him as a party man, a democrat, and give some form of relevance in the scheme of things within the state.

Though the current situation seem unfavourable for the governor, Ambode need to consider his options carefully before making his next move, somehow, it seem futile to fight the system but he could try, after all, he is the sitting governor with huge resources at his disposal.


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