Policemen Beat and vandalised LASTMA officials car over an arrest (video)

It is widely believed that men in Unifrom do not obey the law and order in this part of the World because the believe they are the “LAW”, this was a case of the incident that took place at Obanikoro area of Lagos State.

It was chaotic as two force men were seen fighting, two policemen attached to a bank in the area reportedly unleashed terror on two officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority.

The traffic officers were allegedly beaten up for arresting a mobile policeman, who had reportedly violated the state traffic law.

In the ensuing argument, the two policemen who came from a bank opposite the scene, allegedly beat up the officials, vandalised their vehicle and aided the escape of the cop.

A clip of the incident, which went viral on the social media on Tuesday, showed the moment the armed policemen kicked and punched one of the LASTMA officers.

There was confusion, this morning, at Obanikoro bus stop, along the Ikorodu expressway in Lagos, as a mobile police officer engaged in a fierce battle with some LASTMA officials who were trying to impound his car.

According to an eyewitness report, trouble started when the policeman’s car was blocked by a LASTMA car for taking the BRT lane.

It was gathered that one of the LASTMA officials then left, immediately, to mobilize his colleagues.

However, before they arrived, the policeman had given their colleague left behind, the beating of his life, prompting him to flee.

The officer then proceeded to break the glass of the LASTMA car and was trying to remove it from obstructing his car, when the others arrived and another fight began.

In the end, It was learnt that trouble started when the mopol, who was in a KIA vehicle with number plate, GW 113 AAA, allegedly drove through the reserved Bus Rapid Transport lane.

He was reportedly blocked by the LASTMA officials, who were in a branded KIA, with number plate, RTN 198 LA.

The policeman’s car key was allegedly seized by the traffic officials, who insisted he would face the consequence of his action.

A man, who identified himself only as Jerry, said the mopol caused a traffic jam on the BRT lane while resisting arrest.

He said, “The incident happened around 9.30am. The motorist wore a police shirt which had mopol on it. He was coming from Maryland en route to Anthony and took the BRT lane. He was blocked by a LASTMA vehicle at Idi iroko.

“The man refused to drive out of the lane after a LASTMA officer entered his car.

Before we knew it, two other policemen crossed over from a First Bank branch opposite the scene.

They beat up the LASTMA officials and demanded the key of the man’s car.

“When they did not get the key, they attacked every LASTMA officer in sight until they got the key. They broke the glass of the LASTMA KIA that was used to block the car with the butt of their guns.

“After they succeeded, they opened the LASTMA car and pushed it to the expressway. The mopol then escaped, while they ran back to their duty post.”

The mopol said the officials “scattered” his car.
“If you arrest me, must you scatter my car?

Why will you scatter my car?” he queried.

it was learnt that two hoodlums, who allegedly joined in aiding the escape of the policeman, were arrested and arraigned before a mobile court.

The men were reportedly remanded in prison.

The Public Affairs Officer of LASTMA, Mahmud Hassan, expressed disappointment in the conduct of the cops.

He said, “Our men were on their lawful duties on the Ikorodu Road, manning the BRT corridor, when the motorist was seen driving on the BRT lane.

“When accosted by our men, he said nobody could stop him from driving on the BRT lane. At that point, our men told him that he was not above the law.

The motorist started making trouble with our men.
“When the policemen manning the bank opposite the scene of the incident saw him, they crossed the road and in a bid to free the man from the hands of the law, they descended on our men.

They beat up our men black and blue, tore their uniforms and damaged our vehicle. They chased our men away and used force to take the vehicle from the BRT lane.

The injured officers are receiving treatment as I speak.

“We are disappointed that men trained to enforce the law of the state are the ones circumventing the law and turning around to beat those they should be supporting.

It is a low point for those involved. I don’t know how they would be proud of their action. They should look at themselves in the mirror and ask if they have lived up to the expectation of their profession.


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