Nigeria Police challenges Buhari, Says President Can’t Stop Senator Adeleke’s Case

The Nigeria Police Thursday said the order by President Muhammadu Buhari stopping the invitation of the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for Saturday’s governorship election in Osun State, Senator Ademola Adeleke, does not exonerate him.

The police spokesman, Moshood Jimoh made the clarification on Good Morning Nigeria, a programme on NTA, saying the President’s order does not clear Adeleke from the alleged crimes and that he could be invited any time the force wants.

The Police had declared him wanted but withdrew from the investigation after the intervention of President Buhari on Wednesday.

Jimoh said: “There is no time limit to arrest a suspect; any suspect that has been accused or there is allegation of an offence can be invited at any time.

Police action terminates when a matter has been taken to court. We have filed charges in court and the matter is off our hands.

“But if there is any directive that we should not invite him, that directive does not exonerate him from allegation, court process and the people should know that the rule of law prevails above any other consideration.

“As at yesterday, the deputy inspector-general of police in the state have gone around the state on what we call ‘the show of force exercise’ with other security agencies.

“The DIG operation is in charge of the security architecture in the state for the election, they have gone round, they have met with people and equally talk to them.

“We are enjoying very large cooperation from them, we are hopeful that come Saturday everything will be peaceful to secure an environment for a credible election.”


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