Morata could have scored for Chelsea, but he still needs improvement

Real Madrid academy graduate, Alvaro Morata has struggled in his time at chelsea, but he was the Match-winner for Chelsea in their match on Europa League match day two game, Scoring the only goal in the game on Thursday night, but the forward still needs to prove his worth to tin over the fans again.

The Blues striker was the match winner versus the Hungarian champions, but it was almost another bad night for him at Stamford Bridge
The Fernando Torres comparisons have been around for almost a year now for Alvaro Morata – but his form was becoming so bad that he was in danger of being regarded as an even poorer signing than his compatriot.

Like Torres before him, Morata broke Chelsea’s transfer record when signed for £58 million ($75m) plus add-ons from Real Madrid in the summer of 2017.

Life at Stamford Bridge started promisingly for the Spain international, but below-par performances have been an increasingly regular sight for the ex-Juventus forward.


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