Being a Celebrity is Expensive Actress Victoria Lebene, Cries Out

Ghollywood Victoria Lebene, actress, has revealed that it is hard to survive as a celebrity in this modern Ghanaian economy.

According to the actress, although it’s expensive to live the life of a celebrity in Ghana, there is no income coming in to support their kind of lifestyle.

Lately, the actress has been appearing on GhOne TV as a reporter. This raised a lot of questions for people.

This is because they thought she was doing well in acting. However, she says she has not stopped acting but has to pursue other interests to survive as it is very expensive being an actress.
In an interview with Showbiz, Victoria mentioned it is very expensive being an actress, especially with the nation’s film industry currently ‘dancing on wobbly legs’.

She stated that “No I have not stopped acting, there is no way I will stay out of acting but we all know the issue, the country’s movie business is not doing too well, and keeping up is a bit expensive,”.

She continued, “You see, as a celebrity, you need to grace an occasion and as such have to look good as in the dress, the shoes, the accessories etc, they all come at a cost. It is expensive to keep up that status so not getting anything from your workplace is not healthy”.

She added that “I for one, I have invested so much into my brand and I have to keep it up but where is the income thus the need to look elsewhere to shore it up”.

“I sat down one day and thought about my interest in broadcast journalism and I said why not give it a try too, to get busy and earn something more.

That is why I am currently at GHOne as a reporter. It is just another aspect of me that I am putting to use,” she added.

Victoria advised her colleague actors not to depend solely on only acting for survival. “From my experience, if you are into acting and that is your main source of income currently, it will be of a little bother.

Acting is a good venture but currently earning a keep from it solely isn’t the best.”

She further said “I will not take any role just because I need it or I want to earn an income, no, it has to be one that will impact the society positively.

A script that will give me exposure, one that will be screened in other regions or countries to expose my talent. So I am currently selective of the kind of scripts I get.

Lebene, who holds a Human Resource Management Degree from Zenith University, said she developed the passion for acting during her time in school and hopes to take her career to the world stage.

It would be recalled that a picture of Victoria Lebene in a blue pair of jeans, brownie jacket, and a coffee vest was in circulation on social media and has generated conversation due to how erected her nipples are in the vest.

Lebene with a nude makeup and hoop earrings is captured grinning cheerfully and feeling good in her blouse that shows her ‘popped out tits’.


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