Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim is the latest to join the Kupe Dance Challenge. The Kupe Challenge is the new social media language on the lips of netizens now after four handsome black French did a short video of them grooving to the Kupe song and dance moves, everyone has join.

In a video, she shared on her Instagram page, she is seen dancing to the ‘Kupe’ song with her sisters and later joined by a man in a cream wig.

She captioned the video”popular demand” But it looks like Juliet killed dance.Since the video of the four French guys doing the Kupe Challenge came out, the internet has had various recreations and spin-offs of this challenge.

The Kupe challenge has gone crazy viral. It is literally all over the internet. Africans and even non-Africans, celebrities inclusive have joined in on this challenge.

When the first video came out, everyone overlooked the main point of the video which is the Kupe song itself and placed all their focus on the fine ass men in it.

Here’s the video that started it all: