Finally Girlfriend Of Man Who Was Found Dead With Smile On His Face After Sex, Speaks.

Dennis Hof’s girlfriend has spoken of the heartbreaking moment she discovered the famed brothel owner’s lifeless body, in an interview with DailyMailTV. Dasha Dare, a prostitute at the Love Ranch in Nevada, was one of the last people to see Hof, 72hrs before he died in his sleep on October 16.

‘I’m devastated by Dennis’s death. He meant everything to me,’ the Honduran-born legal sex worker said tearfully.

‘We were at a function on Monday night and came back to the Love Ranch, spent a few minutes in the bar and then retired to his private bedroom.’
Dasha said the pair went back to his room around 11pm where they ‘went to bed and I gave him a massage on his legs feet.’

She then left Hof around 12.50am and went back to her room. Hours later, at 5am, she heard a bell ring, which instructs the prostitutes to line up for a potential customer.

Dasha said she stayed at the bar with some of the girls, but at around 10.30 that morning, Hof’s best friend Ron Jeremy asked her to help him wake up Dennis.

‘I told Ron to go into the room first because I didn’t want to go into Dennis’s room without his permission,’ she said.

‘So Ron went into the room and went over to Dennis who was lying in bed. Ron shook Dennis several times and there wasn’t any movement.

‘Ron asked me to tickle him to try to wake him up, but I didn’t. I was scared. I didn’t know what was going on. Ron said something like Dennis was playing like he was asleep.’

Dasha said it was then that she freaked out and ran out into the hallway and broke down in tears.


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