Pastor Timothy Omotoso’s Lawyer Accused Of Rape In South Africa

The lawyer of Nigerian pastor accused of rape in South Africa , Peter Daubermann, is going to be reported to the General Council of the Bar, according to reports.

This comes after the Commission on Gender Equality received many complaints over his aggressive cross-examination of Cheryl Zondi.

The 22-year-old was testifying against Nigerian Pastor Timothy Omotoso in the Port Elizabeth High Court.
Daubermann is representing the pastor and his co-accused Lusanda Sulani (36) and Zukiswa Sitho (26).
They are charged with rape, human trafficking and sexual assault.

On Wednesday afternoon, Daubermann had to be rescued by police after a group of women attacked him.

Judge Mandela Makaula has intervened a number of times to stop Daubermann from asking Zondi embarrassing questions.
Commission chairwoman Lulama Nare said they respected the independence of the courts, but victimisation of women could not be allowed.

“I hope the law protects this girl,” she said.
The trial will continue on Monday when a new witness is expected to take the stand.


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