Rivals: Jose Mourinho explains sideline scuffle at Stamford Bridge

Pressure on embattled Manchester United Manager, Jose Mourinho seems to have withered after his wards were only minutes away from a famous win at Stamford Bridge but came away with a point after Ross Barkley’s late finish salvaged a 2-2 draw for the hosts. Jose Mourinho found himself caught up in a touchline tussle on his return to Stamford Bridge as a member of Chelsea’s coaching staff celebrated a late leveller for the Blues in front of the Manchester United manager.

As the game entered stoppage time, everything had seemed so orderly. José Mourinho had kept to his word not to over-celebrate if his team were winning and, in fairness, Chelsea fans had shown no appetite to hound him in the way that had happened on his previous visits back to his old club.

But then, in the 96th minute, the moment when everything had changed, when Mourinho lost the plot and a confrontation in the tunnel that made it literally shake because of the number of people who were involved.

Mourinho was clearly provoked by the fist-pumping manner in which Marco Ianni, from Chelsea’s coaching staff, celebrated Ross Barkley’s late equaliser directly in front of him and, until the stewards intervened, the Manchester United manager looked like he would happily throttle his antagonist.

Marco Ianni, who is a second assistant to Maurizio Sarri, took great delight in seeing Ross Barkley snatch a 2-2 draw in stoppage-time.

He jumped off his seat upon seeing the ball hit the net and made a point of expressing his delight in front of Mourinho, who remained rooted to his bench.
He was clearly enraged and was holding up his three fingers, signifying the number of league championships he won, in the direction of the Chelsea supporters who were baiting him as he made his way off the pitch.


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