Photos From Wizkid’s Ex-Girlfriend Traditional Wedding

Popular Nigerian pop-star Wizkid ex-girlfriend, Tania Omotayo is off the market and we are so excited for her! Tania, a Fashion entrepreneur, over the weekend, traditionally wedded her boo, Sumbo, a co-owner of popular Lagos lounge and restaurant Buzz bar.
Although it was a private ceremony, Tania took to her Snapchat to post an adorable selfie of herself rocking her traditional.

It would be recalled that She was pictured with an engagement ring, and have reportedly been dating the co-owner of popular Lagos lounge and restaurant, Buzzbar for some time now.

The relations between Wizkid and Tania Omotayo was one which was highly celebrated.

While it lasted, the duo was everywhere together, until it packed up. Since then, Tania has tried dating other men with the most successful being her current relationship with popular co-owner of Buzzbar, a well-known lounge, and restaurant in Lagos state.

Summy and Tania are engaged, as they are set to wed. The duo has been dating for a while and Tania of recent has also been brandishing an engagement ring on her finger.
we gathered that Teller is her last name, though Omotayo is her middle name.

When it comes to her occupation, it can be said that she has several of the – Senior Creative Analyst at the Temple Management Company, a model and an entrepreneur.

The company where she works deals with talents management. Its aim is to change entertainment in Nigeria and to provide management for events in the industry of entertainment, sport, media, and art.

The multiple award-winning pop star Wizkid reportedly parted ways with his longtime girlfriend, Tania Omotayo.
According to a close associate of Wizkid, Tania has finally ended her relationship with the star.

A comment made by the close associate reads,

“Tania broke up with Wiz a while ago but both parties agreed to be friendly towards each other.

Nonetheless, she kept her distance from him and missed a lot of his events and performances over the Christmas holidays.

She went on vacation with her friends in Dubai during his industry night event”.

Before the break-up, a lot of rumors had trailed the pair concerning the chance that both might soon part ways. So basically, it was only a question of time.

Wizkid is now rumored to be fathering a child with US-based Binta Diamond Diallo.

Wizkid’s ex-girlfriend Tania Omotayo on Instagram, And she did same .

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