Politicians have used religion to manipulate Nigerians- Wole Soyinka

Wole-SoyinkaProfessor Wole Soyinka has stated that many Nigerians have had their ideals diluted by their leaders using religion as a weapon.

“One way of stopping the bloodbath is to reconfigure the nation. States must be given maximum control over their resources.

There are some, who prefer to grow rice, there are others who prefer to grow religion and we know where religion has taken us today. Some people will like to say, it is not really religion that has gotten us to where we are, I agree with you; but some people have manipulated religion to suit their purpose. The effect of those who manipulated it is disastrous. If some people prefer to grow rice, and others to grow Sharia, then, both sides should be given the means to develop.

“Those insisting on restructuring do so because they know that there is something wrong with the state of Nigeria. Many times, Nigerians have come together to proffer solutions and the way forward for the country, but after spending so much time and effort, nothing ever comes out of it. The recommendations are left to gather dust. How much longer shall we continue like this?”

Nwachukwu canvasses return to old regions Nwachukwu, who was the chairman of the occasion, cautioned that Nigeria could only reap the benefits of its potentials through a return to the old regions. Nwachukwu said: “As we prepare for the elections, it is pertinent to remind members of the INEC that theirs is a sacred trust. Though appointed by the government, they are responsible to the people of Nigeria. To make INEC truly independent, there is the need to review the system of appointing its members.”Soyinka1

Nwodo chides opponents of restructuring Ohanaeze President, Chief Nwodo, in his speech, said: “Those campaigning against restructuring in Nigeria have painted an unfortunate and untrue picture that those of us in support of restructuring are doing so in order to deny the northern states, who have not yet any proven oil reserves of the ability to survive.

This is unfortunate. The new model we propose for Nigeria recognizes that revenue in the world today is promoted by two main sources namely, human capital development leveraging on technology to drive the critical sectors of the economy and agriculture.

“Nigeria beyond oil must contemplate the implementation of legislative independence to the federating units, sovereignty of mineral and oil resources to the federating units, a painstaking resolve to support all electoral processes and candidates that would bring about this change.” Adebanjo harps on restructuring.

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