“Nigerian Jollof Is So Bomb” – Blac Chyn Gushes Out As She Storms Nigeria

blacBlac Chyna, the beauty and make-up mugul who is currently in Nigeria for an event has declared that Nigerian Jollof rice is so ‘Bomb,’ The mother of two and curvy model who arrived in the country yesterday started off with a plate of Nigerian Jollof rice, and took to her Instagram stories to reveal that ‘Nigerian Jollof is so Bomb8200389_5bf8f98c35ebb_jpegca4e89390684031f14359744b5c598f4

Blac Chyna who  is not known for upholding any set of values or being a pillar of virtue. The ex-stripper has made a career of promoting herself, attaching herself to high-profile men and courting controversy but her latest business move has drawn a barrage of criticism. Here’s why Blac Chyna coming to Nigeria to sell bleaching cream is problematic and take a look at the social media reactions.


Angela Renee White, popularly know as Blac Chyna, has spent her life in the spotlight lurching from one drama to the other. From her failed relationship with rapper Tyga to her unexpected and ill-fated relationship with Robert Kardashian and subsequent child/support battles; Blac Chyna’s name is rarely attached to anything positive.

Blac Chyna’s upcoming trip to Nigeria has already been marred by controversy as it was revealed that she is coming to launch a special product in collaboration with Whitenicious. Whitenicious, created by Nigerian and Cameroonian singer Dencia, has already had its fair share of criticism and sparked a fierce debate on colourisim with Hollywood actress Lupita Nyong’O weighing in on the conversation. Whitenicious is marketed as a ‘dark spot remover’  with the slogan ‘say good bye to to pigmentation and spots forever‘.blac-chyna-attends-a-party-hosted-by-amber-rose-at-gold-room-on-23-picture-id8524609781810698075.jpg

Dencia herself appeared to be the test subject revealing herself to be significantly lighter than a few years ago. It appeared that she used it on her entire body, not just the non-visible dark blemishes its advertised use is for. Whilst Whitenicious was surrounded by controversy, in the midst of it all, the product sold out and continues to do so making it one of the most popular mainstream bleaching creams of all time.blac

Ads for ‘Whitenicious X Blac Chyna Diamond Illuminating & Lightening Cream’ began appearing on Whitenicious’ and Chyna’s Instagram accounts and pictured Blac Chyna, dressed in white and gold holding her $250 Swarovski crystal-studded jar of cream.

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