Grujic gives his verdict on Cristiano Ronaldo-Lionel Messi debate


Liverpool loanee Marko Grujic has had his say on the never-ending Cristiano Ronaldo-Lionel Messi debate, after he was seen replicating the Juventus star’s signature celebration in Hertha Berlin’s game against Schalke last Friday.

Despite the fact that Messi and Ronaldo now play in two different leagues, the comparison between the duo remains.


The Barcelona ace and the Juventus star remain at the top of their game, even a decade after their rivalry began, winning several trophies for their teams and individual accolades for their performances. While Ronaldo has netted 15 Serie A goals so far this season, Messi has scored 19 in La Liga.

Grujic, who is currently on loan at Hertha Berlin, was asked to wade into the debate after he was seen celebrating in the same way that Ronaldo does, after scoring the equaliser during a game against Schalke on Friday.

When Grujic was asked whether he was trying to replicate the five-time Ballon d’Or winner, the 22-year-old insisted that the celebration was not planned at all.

Speaking to Bild, he said, “Pure emotion. I could not control it, it just happened like that.”

messi_ronaldo_siteThe Serbia international added that while he thinks Messi is the better player, Ronaldo is still a massive inspiration for him.

“I look up to Ronaldo. He is a great role model for me. Because he works obsessively on his development. I love to live football as professionally as possible and to subordinate everything to it. Messi may be the more talented player, but Ronaldo has worked it all out,” said Grujic.


Grujic has had a difficult spell at Hertha Berlin after his injury problems saw him play only nine league games so far.

Hertha will next face Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga on Saturday, February 2.

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