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Unbelievable: See the American Pastor that wants you to watch Porn

http-__o.aolcdn.com_hss_storage_midas_104f34fbc5102d2ca2c9b268b3866aae_206501419_have-a-little-faith-nadia-bolz-weber-Makers.com-Hero+-281-29Nadia Bolz-Weber, pastor and author of the book Shameless: A Sexual Reformation, discusses issues concerning the church and sexual ethics in an interview with Out in Jersey. She formerly pastored Denver’s House for All Sinners and Saints and is an ordained Lutheran. Bolz-Weber is well known and regarded in progressive Christianity. Her sermons regularly confront traditional Christian values and beliefs.

According to Bolz-Weber, there is no need to shame any person who consumes porn if the latter is “ethically sourced.” The pastor-author said that pleasure is complex for humans as one could either fall on or fall off any side of the spectrum. Human beings, she pointed out, either indulge in excess, leading to obesity or follow diets where a majority of foods are eliminated. Both these kinds of restriction or indulgence equally harm the body.nadiabolzweber2

Bolz-Weber clearly understands the exploitative nature of the porn industry. She is also aware of the rampant drug problem along with a number of shady practices. In her statement, she means porn where no person is physically hurt or manipulated.

All kinds of sex acts can be done by consenting adults. Thus there is nothing wrong with recording the said act and distributing that particular record. The content of the last point had conservatives up in arms. As per conservative thinking, evidence exists linking sexual health and pornography consumption.American-pastor

Joshua Sharp of the Baptist Standard responded to Bolz-Weber’s opinion saying pornography, ethically sourced or not, is the antithesis to spiritual vitality, relationships, and individual sexual health. Which is specifically mentioned in Corinthians where the faithful are urged to run away from sexual immorality. Other than sex, every other sin is done outside the body. The Bible teaches the reader the body represents the temple of Holy Spirit which God has given to humans.

It means God is present in the body and it must be glorified. Sexual sin, including the consumption of pornography, is thus destructive not only to the consumer but also to the body of Christ. Sharp said Bolz-Weber’s attempts “to legitimize porn flies in the face of biblical teaching threatens the health of the church. There is nothing ‘ethical’ about pornography.”


Nun Becomes A Porn Star After 8 Years Of Living In A Convent.

A nun who spent eight years at a convent has made a drastic career change – and decided to become a porn star. Yudi Pineda admitted that her priest tried to talk her out of the move but she ignored his advice.

The young woman from Ituango in Antioquia, Colombia, has called her new porn career “decent and artistic” and claims there is “nothing bad about it”.

She says I enjoyed “masturbation and pornography” every day – but still goes to church and never misses her Sunday mass.
Yudi explained her initial calling to the religious community in an interview with local media.
She said: “I went to Uraba and I was at school when nuns came to visit us, and I knew then that I wanted to do that.”

When she was 10 years old she went to a convent and remained there for eight years, training to be a nun.
She said that she “felt very happy” there, but soon fell in love with a religious teacher and she decided to quit her vocation.

Pineda started a life in Medellin and was working for the Nestle company when she met Juan Bustos, a man who was recruiting models for his adult webcam portal.

She took part in a casting call and she was hired there and then.
Pineda told local media:

“At first I was feeling bad, but now I am fine with it.
“I also feel good when I go to church. I never miss Friday prayers, Saturday meetings or Sunday mass.” she added

I Get Bored When Dating One Man- Ghanaian Lady

A Ghanaian lady named Maame Afiba Bessa, who says she’s an aspiring cardiologist and a humanitarian until she tweeted a daring summation on her wall concerning relationship.

As soon as her tweet came up, torrents of comments began to flood in with varying reactions and most were not so friendly.

“The way I get bored dating one man for long.

I really can’t even see myself getting with a man who doesn’t keep me intrigued and makes me laugh till I cry.

That’s how soon the way you breathe will even start pissing me off,” she had tweeted.

Most, in a fit of anger, said she would never get married. Others called her grim names not fit for publication.

However, Potpourri decided to dig into her background and found out that she has a medical condition that may be interfering with her show of affection, love and trust.

“A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with GAD. For those of you who don’t know, GAD is Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Upon speaking to someone, I found out my childhood memories of constant fear plays a massive part in it,” she had posted October of last year on her wall.

She continued :

“I did not have an easy childhood growing up and for people closest to me I have always opened up about that and also enduring sexual abuse as a child.

I’ve always had this fear factor in life , so much so that when things were going right in my life, I was ready for bad things to happen because I always have this mental picture that whatever was going right in my life won’t last.

I will worry daily about something I thought will happen, beat myself about it and cry over it.

“I will isolate myself from people who loved me sometimes and get angry at the least thing because behind closed doors, I was battling this thing that I knew existed but was too ashamed to admit or talk about.

For many years, it had such a negative impact over my livelihood,”

she added.

It is often said that a book should not be judged by its cover.

This Ghanaian girl who lives in Barcelona, Spain, is a classic case.

Meet The ‘Most Stylish Man In Africa’ Who Has Over 160 Suits, 300 Caps, 200 Pairs Of Shoes

Sir. James Maina Mwangi from Nairobi, Kenya describes himself as the most stylish and smartest man in Africa because of his dress style.

In an interview with BBC Africa, he said he has about 160 suits, more than 300caps and over 200 pairs of shoes among many others. Whenever he goes out, he steps out in matching outfits.

According to him, if he’s wearing a green suit, he must match it with ‘green shoes, green shirt, green cap, green handkerchief, green underwear, green pen, and a green cover of my phone.’

He further explained that when he first came to Nairobi, he was wearing one shirt and people were laughing at him because his father was very poor.

So then ask God to bless him with something different from other people.

Click here to watch the video

Sisters on War Path as Hauwa Weds Sister’s Ex-boyfriend

Like gypsy moth eternally attracted to a flare, the Indimi sisters court controversy with their lifestyles. But their father, Alhaji Mohammed Indimi, the billionaire oil magnate currently enjoys the best of a charmed life.

Besides being rich, he recently became an in-law to the most powerful person in Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari. Indimi certainly has a knack for pitching his tent with Nigeria’s ruling class.
It would be recalled that he became ex-military President Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB)’s in-law, soon after the latter made him a billionaire.

And while he struggled to accept the sad fate of his daughter’s broken marriage to IBB’s son, Mohammed Babangida, his son, providentially made him an-law to President Buhari by marrying the latter’s daughter. Indimi founded Oriental Energy in 1990 and has since expanded the company’s assets across international boundaries.

He is blessed with attractive children, especially his girls who would give beauty pageants from any part of the world a run for their money.

In fact, judging by the way the close-knit sisters bond and overtly show love and solidarity to one another and their ventures, they have been labelled in some circles as the Nigerian version of the famous Kardashian sisters.

That unity seems doomed as one of his girls, Hauwa, is about to be handed in marriage to a son of the late NNPC Managing Director, Abubakar Yar’Adua, Mohammed, who was once reported to have dated another Indimi sister, the famed Fatima whose explicit images went viral few years ago.

It is also a known fact that Mohammed went on to date Zahra Buhari, now Ahmed Indimi’s wife, when after he broke up with Fatima.
Ostensibly, this has created some bad blood among the sisters, as they have been polarised in support for and opposition to the planned wedding which is to take place next week.

Adama, who just returned from Hajj with Hauwa, has been everywhere to make sure things go right. She was the first to release alluring pre-wedding images of the couple on the social media, while others have ignored and continued to mind their respective businesses which was quite unlike them.

Indications of an imminent hostility among these siblings emerged in March this year when Hauwa got engaged with Mohammed.

Her engagement did not appear to have gone down well with few of her sisters and the messy affair was taken to Instagram where they threw shades at one another.

Rahmayi, who is former wife to Mohammed Babangida, was the first to fire a shot when she registered her displeasure at the impending marriage with foul language on Instagram.

In her words, “…This is f—k, he’s an ex for a reason and now you will go and bring the f—k back to my life. Nahhhh.
I won’t support it. There’s a code for this. Friends and family ex’s should be off the table.”

Rahmayi’s sentiment was echoed by her sister and owner of Tulip Bistro in Abuja, Zahra Yakaka, who wrote, “If my sister is marrying my ex, she was never my sister in the first place.”

Miffed at their public outburst, a handle named ‘hauwaindimis_lovers’ responded and berated Rahmayi, advising her to respect her age, show love and be happy for Hauwa.