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Man Celebrates His Dog’s Birthday In An awesome Way

People are not only celebrating humans birthdays, they now celebrate dog birthday. Nigerian Man, Ekeoma Chimex Richard took to Facebook to celebrate his Dog birthday.

According to his post, his dog is more than a pet, things changed in their lives from the moment they had the dog. He decorated the dog with balloons and served it pepper soup.
His post:

You are more than just a pet – you are my jogging buddy, my alarm clock, my chief security officer, my furniture destroyer, and my territorial defender.

The moment you walked into our lives, everything has changed. Although my compound has been messier, I have never been more relaxed, knowing that you are looking out for us. Thank you buddy. Happy birthday the Avenger.


6 things you need to do the moment your phone is lost or stolen

9bwufxw2hnitqnkaho2szi-650-802018151411.jpgLosing a smartphone either to theft, mishandling, or any other mishap can be a really horrible experience. Normally, the next step to take after the occurrence of a smartphone loss is to try to recover the device, before replacement comes to mind — i.e when recovery fails.

The actions below are some of the best things we think you should do swiftly as soon as you discover your device has gone missing.

1. Track or Locate the Device

The first advised step is to determine where you device is. This will help tell if your phone was stolen or mislaid, or you forget it at an event you attended.

If you have tracking and monitoring apps previously installed on the device, you can easily track them. There are a good number Android tracking apps available on the Google Play Store and likewise, App Store, for tracking iOS devices.

Alternatively, you can use the services of phone manufacturers to locate your phone. “Find My iPhone” is a perfect phone tracking service for iPhone users while the “Find My Device” is for Android devices.

These apps and services allows you remotely “call” your device to see if it around you (maybe lying somewhere in the kitchen drawer) and give map and satellite locations, too.

2. Password change

Either after successful tracking of your phone and you discover that it is in an unknown location, or all tracking efforts have proved abortive and your phone is still unreachable, the next best thing to do is the change the password of vital apps with sensitive information.

Passwords of apps like banking apps, email, cloud storage, electronic wallet, and social media apps. Some tracking apps and services even allow you remotely lock your device with a new security code to deny the anyone in possession of your phone access to the contents.

3. Contact your network carrier

If you still cannot reach your phone, or you are now sure that it is in someone else’s possession, the next point of action would be to contact your network carrier to block services on the phone (SIM card) and also commence service retrieval processes.

4. Contact your Bank

It is always recommended that you contact the financial institution(s) through which you make monetary transactions on the missing device. Inform them about the state of your phone and instruct them to temporarily restrict the number from carrying out any transactions till you retrieve your phone or number.

This action is particularly important in Nigeria as phone thieves can gain access to your Bank Verification Number (BVN) by dialing a USSD code on your device. And once this occurs, all the monies in your bank account can be withdrawn.

5. Contact relatives and work buddies

It is also highly recommended that you notify relative and the people at your workplace about your missing device, particularly if you use the phone to access work-related data and information. Inform your colleagues and employer will be an awesome idea.

According to TomsGuide,

“This allows the company to take preventive steps to secure its data. The company’s IT department may also be able to delete company data from your phone remotely.”

6. Wipe/ Erase contents of the phone

Depending on the contents of the missing phone, this is actually the last thing that is advised to do — i.e if the likelihood of ever getting the phone back is zero (or very close to zero).

The good thing about this is that it can also be done remotely — via phone tracking/monitoring apps and services, or authorities with relevant equipment to remotely wipe data off a missing/stolen phone.

However, you should know that after wiping data off a phone, the chances of recovering the device later in the future are slim.

The above 6 items are some of the precautionary actions you should take once you notice your smartphone is missing. Doing these will ensure 2 things:

  • 1. That you recover your phone.
  • 2. That is the case where phone recovery fails, you do not lose other things (like money, data, etc.) in the long run.

HTC Announces Plan To Sack 1500 Workers

7352433_images9_jpeg_jpegfdb2ae2272d49a281724a44126e0a27dTAIWAN, JULY 2ND. As revenue continues to dwindle and in a desperate effort for survival, struggling Taiwan based smartphone makers HTC has announced plans to slash 1500 staff members of their global workforce. The fortunes of HTC has no doubt nosedived drastically in recent years.

This indicate that the floor is about to cave-in for the struggling Taiwanese mobile phone maker that once sold one in 10 smartphones globally, but has seen its market share decline amid mounting competition from Apple, Samsung, LG and Chinese rivals.

HTC said it would cut 1,500 jobs in its manufacturing unit in Taiwan. This represents about a quarter of the 6,450 staff it employed globally as of June, data from the company shows.

“Today HTC announces plan to optimize the manufacturing organizations in Taiwan … This plan will allow more effective and flexible resource management going forward,” the company says in a statement made available to Reuters.

This massive layoffs follows a $1.1 billion deal late last year under which HTC lost 2,000 staff, mainly handset engineers, to Alphabet’s Google, casting doubts over the company’s longer-term future. Recall that HTC’s president Chialin Chang resigned in February this year following numerous challenges facing the company.

I wonder what went wrong with HTC considering the fact that they made some of the best smartphones few years ago. For a company who has over 19000 staff in 2013, now they’ll be less than 5000.


T-Mobile has announced the rollout of Android 8.0 Oreo for the LG G6 tied to its network just a few weeks since the unlocked version started receiving the update. The carrier had unveiled a list of devices from LG that would receive Oreo, and G6 is one of the five devices listed at the time.

The carrier’s support page featuring all the details about the Oreo update is also up. Just like the unlocked version of the device, the T-Mobile variant did not get Android 7.1 but will jump to Android 8.0. However, the latest version of Android Oreo now is 8.1 and there is no indication whether the update would launch for the device since Android P is scheduled to launch in the near future.

According to TmoNews, the update weighs in at 1729.8MB and brings standard Oreo features such as password auto-fill, picture-in-picture, notification dots. It also includes UI enhancements for LG’s custom skin.

If you have a T-Mobile version of the G6 and haven’t already received the update notification, you might need to check every day as there is a daily limit on the number of devices that can be updated until July 30.

Sony Xperia XZ3: what we expect

The Sony Xperia XZ3 is currently rumored to arrive in the second half of 2018, and if it does we’d like to see major changes over the Xperia XZ2 it will be replacing.

It’s not that the Xperia XZ2 was a bad phone, but when you compare it to what rivals are offering for the same, or in some cases less, money it’s difficult to get excited about Sony’s current flagship handset.

Sony has a lot of potential in mobile, with a long history in the market and a lot of great technology at its disposal. In recent years, though, it hasn’t been able to quite find the right combination of features, form and function to really make its smartphones stand out from the crowd.
The hope is that the Sony Xperia XZ3 may, finally, move away from the traditional ‘Sony look’ that’s been used for the last few years, bringing itself and the brand back to the fore.
XZ3 rumors are slowly starting to appear online, and we’ll be updating this page with everything you need to know as soon as news breaks, but we’ve also offered up Sony suggestions on what we’d like to see from the new Xperia XZ3 – just in case it’s still looking for some inspiration.